Though the choice seems simple, Juanita is torn. What is freedom really, if you’re separated from those you love? Does living the life of a wealthy socialite mean turning her back on her poor family? Does she have the courage to face up to the rich girls who bully her in her new private girls school? Does she have the freedom to love the boy, introduced to her by her best friend, in a forbidden relationship?

Juanita Freedom Seeker is a story of love, despair, and liberation. Enjoy Juanita’s spunk as well as her serious side as she straddles the class barrier on her way to adulthood in San Carlos. She shares many valuable lessons to all, regardless of age, seeking freedom to transcend limits.

About Me

A passion for love & life.

Juan Cenon started his career teaching high school Biology at the age of 19 immediately after graduating from his first bachelor’s degree in college. After further studies to complete 8 degrees and specializations for another 30 years in 3 continents, interspersed with working in the industry and government, he eventually went back to teach psychology, his specialization for his doctorate.

​He still teaches it to date. He wishes to continue teaching for the rest of his life by writing stories about love, hope, and life. He serves as a liturgical minister in two parishes. He enjoys with his wife working out in the gym and traveling the world.

“A girl gets the chance to help her family and see how the affluent live in this debut young adult novel. Always helpful, logical, and striving to do the right thing by her family, Juanita is an admirable role model for teen readers, and her insecurities will certainly ring true for many adolescents. A sweet but uneven tale about family and class.”
– Kirkus Reviews



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