Juanita Freedom Seeker: Volume 2

Though the choice seems simple, Juanita is torn. What is freedom really, if you’re separated from those you love?  Does living the life of a wealthy socialite mean turning her back on her poor family?  Does she have the courage to face up to the rich girls who bully her in her new school?


Juanita, Freedom Seeker is a story of love, despair, and liberation.  Enjoy Juanita’s spunk as well as her serious side as she straddles the class barrier on her way to adulthood in San Carlos.  She shares many valuable lessons to all, regardless of age, seeking freedom to transcend limits.


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4 reviews for Juanita Freedom Seeker: Volume 2

  1. Dr. Peter M. Meehan

    Juanita Freedom Seeker is a compelling story that reveals the complexities
    of family life and social development for a young person living in
    modern times. Dr. Marasigan has brought his deep experience as an
    educator as well as his insights into human development to crafting a
    story that is both poignant and touching.

  2. Nenette Estrada

    Juanita’s sheer determination and love for family is just amazing! A
    must read not just for teens but for every member of the family.

  3. Janice Siddall

    I enjoyed reading a glimpse of life in San Carlos from 2 perspectives.
    Juanita is a great role model for young girls today. She’s
    beyond her years in maturity and yet still has the same struggles
    as most teenagers. Her love of family taught her to ‘rise above.’ A
    great lesson for all of us.

  4. Denise Bower

    Juanita is an insightful glimpse into the life and personal sacrifices of
    a young girl struggling to make a better life for herself and her family.

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